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Thread: How to update to newer android version? (do OTAs work?)

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    Question How to update to newer android version? (do OTAs work?)

    Hello everyone,
    i dont have a nexus / plusone yet but i'm planning on getting one and put kali nh on it. I heard that rooting/unlocking prevents the phone from receiving over-the-air updates of new android versions...

    My questions regarding that are:
    1) Is that true?
    2) If so, would i have to manually check for and update to newer android versions?
    3) How would i do that?

    Btw any thoughts / recommendations on what device i should get?
    I don't want a tablet, so it should be rather smartphonish, i just cant decide between nexus 5 & 6 and the plusone one...

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    1) That is correct if you're about to switch ROMs. Sometimes the root process requires you to change ROMs, making it impossible to get OTAs updated due to "not being original". That is device dependent.
    2) In many cases you will have to manually install those, yes.
    3) Read XDA, honestly this forum isn't the right place for such things.

    A recommended device would be one of the officially supported by NetHunter, unless you have the knowledge to port kernels by yourself.

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