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Thread: Oneplus 2 No recognized external wifi or usb thumb drives etc

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    Oneplus 2 No recognized external wifi or usb thumb drives etc

    All from latest idlekernel nightlies.(kernel, update and nethunter)
    Cm 13 stock.
    Internal wifi ok.
    Awus036NEH and AWUS052NH, both ok with oneplus 1 CM13.

    Have tried cm 13 and OOS 2.21 . Have tried combinations of all nethunter 3.1 Cm 13 from idlekernel.
    Have used Multiple y and normal cables but only oem usb type c cable to the phone, the others are usb 2.
    Usb thumb drives arent recognized , nor can i mount usb. Lsusb shows nothing at all. Orherwise nethunter seems to work great
    After trying most software ideas could it be a hardware issue, and where do i start to solve it?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello. I recently bought a oneplus 2 and could not get OTG to work. It seems that the Oneplus 2 has some wierd USB 2 electrical connection within a Type C connector, rather than USB 3 in a type C. I have bought over a dozen different Type C - to - microUSB adapters and none of them worked as there is some pull-up resistor or something. Anyhoo, I finally got a type C to microUSB which WORKS on my Oneplus 2. I have used it for USB borescope/endoscope camera , USB Memory Stick and most importantly a USB WIFI dongle !!!! *** !!!
    And it was less than 2 quid.

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