Hi there,

i have problems with installing Kali Rolling 64-bit on SanDisk Extreme 500 SSD

I have a macbook pro 13" retina early 2015 (Mac OS X 10.11) with refind bootloader installed! every thing works fine if i want to install from bootable usb to my 64gb sandisk usb stick...now i decide to buy an external ssd to boost the system a little bit!

But when im at the step where you have to choose the partition or drive where you want to install kali, the installer doesn't display the SanDisk External SSD ..

Anyone could help me ?

The SSD is formated in FAT32 with MBR !

Linux VM ( sudo fdisk -l ) and Mac OS X (sudo diskutil list) are both recognize the SSD and i can open it in Linux VM and OS X without problems! (read write works perfect)

Thanks for your help

Cheers Florian