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Thread: WiFi adapter for Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi

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    WiFi adapter for Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi

    I have a Raspberry Pi and I am looking to install Kali Linux on it but I want to ensure that I am getting a WiFi adapter that both supports Kali and Raspberry Pi and also has the capability to go into monitor mode and injection. The Raspberry Pi is a Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B if that helps.

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    Hi iboyperson,

    The TP-Link TL-WN722N is very popular, cheap and works like a charm.

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    I also own a TL-WN722N and can recommend it for use with Kali and/or RPi.
    Alfa Cards are also very popular. I think, the have a longer range which might be interesting for wardriving, etc. But they are also a little more expensive.

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    Does Kali not support the on board wifi adapter? Im having some issues getting it to connect, although im doing it through the terminal.I have also tried a TP Link TL-WN821N but I couldnt even get it to change its status from "DOWN"

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    I use the Alfa AWUS051NH V2. it works great. Picture

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    Hi....there are many routers available meeting your requirements. As suggested above you can go for the TP Link and Alfa as well. Both has their own specifications and features. Kai supports the On-baord fidelity also. You must check that in the specifications of your board and you can get the many related documents from where you can find to use this feature.

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