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Thread: OnePlus One (oneplus1) Our preferred device, why?

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    OnePlus One (oneplus1) Our preferred device, why?

    Hello dear members,

    I would like to ask you why the OnePlus One is the preferred device?
    Why not the OnePlus Two or wait for the OnePlus Three?

    Right now I have no device that supports Nethunter, so I would like to buy the best available.
    If that is the OnePlus One, that's great becauce with the announcement of the OnePlus Three the price is much cheaper .

    Kind regards.

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    Cannot directly answer your question, but I can let you know that NetHunter can now be installed on the OnePlus 2. (Just did it a few nights ago).

    I haven't tested anything yet, but the installation went smoothly with no hiccups. Only problem is I can't figure out what's wrong with the internal Wifi adapter. Cannot connect or even turn it on :/

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