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Thread: How To install Nessus in kali! [How To]

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    How To install Nessus in kali! [How To]

    A few people would probably like to know how to install Nessus in Kali. Well here You go:

    Step 1: in kali go to and choose "Linux" Then Debian 6.0. 9Then 32 bits or 64 bits depending on your version.

    Step 2: Download this and save it to your desktop. Rename it to "nessus.deb"

    Step 3: Open up Terminal and type this in:
    cd Desktop
    dpkg -i nessus.deb
    Step 3a. Wait until Nessus finishes installing then you have to start the Nessus Server by typing this into Terminal
    /etc/init.d/nessusd start
    Step 4: Then open Nessus in your browser http://localhost:8334/

    Step 5: Go through the set-up process then your done!

    Congrats! You have installed Nessus
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