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Thread: Macbook Pro OSX/Kali 2.0 grub-efi boot testing without Refit

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    Lightbulb Macbook Pro OSX/Kali 2.0 grub-efi boot testing without Refit

    First POST! No seriously, I am about to give this post ( ) a test. Something deep in my skull says we can get away without 'refit' as a boot loader. I'm posting asking if anyone here has tried this setup and on what model of MBP? I have a late 2013 15" and I'll reply with my findings, and maybe just maybe refit can go to the archives.

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    First, sorry I won't help you much because I don't remember the way it worked for me.
    I have a mid 2010 MBP and ran OS X and *cough*blackarch*cough* for a while without an external loader.

    As I said, I don't remember exactly how I got there, but I think, the trick was to use two different EFI partitions and you could switch to the non-default by getting into the UEFI boot menu (I think by keeping the cmd key pressed while booting).
    Maybe you should have a look at the following links:

    The last two links are for Arch Linux but might apply to Kali as well. There was a lot of trial and error back then - make sure to have a proper backup.

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