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    Hi Everyone. I am a new user to Kali Linux, although I have used Debian Linux a lot throughout my life. (I do know that Kali is a spin off of Debian in a way). Anyway, I was looking at buying a new laptop for using Linux with. I recently stumbled upon a think pad that had good specs, and a laptop that I could afford. I will link it here. I need your help in deciding if this laptop could run Kali Linux as it's main operating system or to choose another. Also, if this laptop cannot run Kali, do you have any suggestions for laptops that do. Thanks

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    Don't really know about that specific laptop but Thinkpads in general work pretty well with linux.
    I have a x250 and a t420s as business laptops - buth running fine booting Kali from USB. I think, a Dell is also a good choice, when it comes to Linux.

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    I'm running a dual boot install on an L530 Thinkpad just fine: Windows 7 and 64-bit full install of Kali

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    I have a Thinkpad T440S running Windows 10 and Kali with dualboot. Works just fine Some extra settings to make the middle button scroll to work.

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