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Thread: Kali NetHunter for the HTC One M8

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    Cool Kali NetHunter for the HTC One M8

    I found topic on xda forum.

    Here is a HTC One M8 ROM with the kernel patches needed for nethunter, install nethunter utilities , enjoy !


    More detail

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    Hello ddos
    That is awesome as I do have the m8 and i have no other use for it "as mobile", so I was messing around with it those couple days, unlock bootloader, rooting, s-off, custom rom ..., but i did all this to see if can install a linux OS on it, and I could not find a way to do it but using vnc "and it is not what I want" or making it a bootable linux on MAC or windows, again not what i want. Question is will this replace my android software? "exactly what I want" and did you do it? If yes can you explain the steps taken in kinda tutorial?
    Thank you for the links and for posting this ...

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    Never mind mate, i got it up and runing, either ways thanks a lot ... Cheers

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