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Thread: Boot from Kali ISO in seperate partition on HD

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    Boot from Kali ISO in seperate partition on HD

    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 Developer Edition (meaning it comes with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS preinstalled). Kali cannot work on it due to the non-conventional name of the M.2 SSD in the laptop (/dev/nvme0n1).

    As an alternative, I have debian 8.5 installed instead, and I want to be able to boot into a Live Kali 2016.1 ISO without a USB drive.

    I've done this with gparted and clonezilla Live partitions before, but their grub entries don't seem to work when substituted with a Kali Live ISO instead of their own Live ISOs.

    Has anyone else gotten this working?

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    it's easy man
    first creat a folder called " grml " inside the boot directory # don't change that name it's important
    to do that ...... # sudo mkdir /boot/grml

    seccond install a small program that add your iso to the gub menu # don't worry it'll be automatique

    # sudo apt-get install grml-rescueboot

    now copy your iso file into /boot/grml

    then run # sudo update-grub

    and it's okey reboot your computer and you'll find your iso shown in the grub menu ......... enjoy

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    Didn't work at all.

    Added the kai iso to /boot/grml, installed grml, and ran update-grub.

    It's listed on grub, but when I select it, it just says "Press any key..." and after I press a key it just backs me out to grub.

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    added (hd0,2) before every line where it listed the file path "/boot/grml/kali-2016.1-amd64.iso"

    Got into a console. (initramfs):

    uname -r retuned "kali 4.3.0-amd64" so It half worked. But there's no UI, and startx doesnt do anything.

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