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Thread: Dual Monitor Issue

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    Dual Monitor Issue


    I just setup two monitors with my kali rolling
    1. Asus Ultra HD (connected at HDMI Nvida Card)
    2. Samsung HD (connected at HDMI builtin Intel HD card)

    Both are working fine in my Win10 OS (Extended display), but for kali it only display on the Asus display and nothing on Samsung one. Even is system setting it just detect/shows one monitor.

    When i power on my pc the very first screen is on both monitors (Samsung showing Dell Logo and Asus showing Asus logo and then it ask me to select the OS from (Window and Kali) and once i hit kali the only display is on Asus and on samsung monitor it either goes blank or just hangs display there but works absolutely fine on Asus Monitor.

    Any help ??

    Thank You

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    Only thin I can think of is to install the nvidia drivers and see if it picks it up Install NVIDIA Drivers on Kali

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