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Thread: Dual Monitor Configuration Issue: Secondary Display perceived as primary

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    Dual Monitor Configuration Issue: Secondary Display perceived as primary

    ORIGINAL POST-> 4/25/13
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    Hey guys, I'm having an issue configuring a dual monitor set-up on Kali 1.0.2. I've been running Kali since a few days after its release in March and I must admit it is my favorite Pen Testing OS. Anyway, I had no issues with my monitors (I run dual monitors both at home and at the office) until recently when I re-installed Kali after drunkenly running an autoremove command on apt that removed gnome as well as network manager. I searched online for help, and it seems to be a 'feature' rather than a 'bug'. I didn't have my data backed up so, without deleting my partition, I reinstalled Kali to a new partition, mounted my old partition and retrieved the data.

    Unfortunately, when I plug in my dual monitor it treats my secondary monitor as my primary monitor and puts my open tabs and menu bar on the wrong monitor. I've tried messing around with the system settings as well as a few other hacks that I had up my sleeve and nothing has worked. I'm a little baffled, since this didn't happen before even though both partitions were equipped with Kali 1.0.2 (although one ISO was downloaded in march and the other in april).

    I believe this is an isolated incident and not really a bug, but does anybody know how I can fix this? Its nothing more than an annoyance, but I'd like to get it back to normal.
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    EDIT -> 4/26/13
    Plugged in the monitor today and the problem was mysteriously fixed. Interesting enough.
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