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Thread: Cannot Connect to the Internet Whatsoever

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    Cannot Connect to the Internet Whatsoever

    I have searched high and low and tried literally everything I could find to fix this issue but to no avail. I kinda just want to walk away from this as it has been nothing but issues every time I have tried to deal with Kali Linux but I will give it one last shot.

    It is a fresh install on its own machine. It has a wireless card which displays the wireless networks, but when I connected to mine it keeps asking for the passphrase over and over depsite it being 100% correct. I even disabled the wireless security but now it connects for a second then disconnects. I tried wired, and the wired is fully working as im just taking the cable from the back of my main PC which works perfectly and plugging it in, it says "connecting - 1000mbs" and just hangs, but never connects.

    I can't do any apt-get update/install because I cannot connect to the internet whatsoever. I can remember during the install it said something about not using DHCP protocol, I was never able to find a fix for this. Also during the few seconds my wifi connects if I try to ping anything it just says "unknown host".

    I will post everything I can provide in relation to this, and as far as the wlan0 up/down commands they give no response, I type it, press enter and get no feedback at all.

    I have had to take photos of my screen as there was no way to copy the text over because Kali wont even recognize USB devices or let me burn files to a disk.




    wicd output file

    I have wanted to learn Kali for a long time, but it seems extremely plagued with issues. It seems every time an issue appears, it takes about 6 hours of googling and trial and error to get it fixed, its an extremely time consuming hobby, if this thread fails I think I would be walking away from Kali for good, I really want to learn, but I dont have the time to be fixing the many problems Kali has when it's time that could be spent learning a worthwhile skill.

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    Have you tried running other linux distros on this machine? How do they behave?

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