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Thread: Kali Linux Live CD Blackscreen

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    Question Kali Linux Live CD Blackscreen

    Hello Community,
    I am pretty new to Kali Linux (or Linux in general) so propably I won't understand ALL of the technical terms, but I will give my best.

    As introduction in my problem, I wanted to create a Live CD with Kali Linux for my Laptop (exact information on version etc. will be given later, as well as the chronological order of the things I did). After burning the ISO Image of Kali, I restarted my Laptop, and wanted to boot Kali Linux as a "Live Session", but everything I have seen was a Blackscreen, with no console, and no mouse pointer. The Laptop did not react to anything, so I took out the disk, and started my PC new and booted with my primary operating system. After that I tried different things (which I will list too), but nothing of it helped me.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    My System:

    Laptop Model: ASUS R510LB-XX037H
    OS: Windows 8.1 64-Bit
    Architecture: 64-Bit
    Processor: Intel Core i74500U CPU @ 1.80 Ghz 2.40 Ghz
    RAM: 8.00 GB (7.89 Usable)
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics, nVidia GEFORCE 740M
    (If more Information is necessary I will give it)
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    The Linux:

    Kali Linux
    64 bit (because my System is 64x Based)
    Version: 2016.1
    Boot Media: Disk (DVD-RW), 4.7 GB Storage
    => So basically the first thing here (Kali Linux 64 bit ISO)
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    The Things I did (in chronologic order)

    -Downloaded Linux Kali 64 bit 2016.1 ISO
    -Saved on Desktop
    -Took a brand new CD and put it in
    -Right Clicked the ISO and burned the Image (With the Burning Option given by the System)
    -Opened Charm Bar => Settings => Change PC Settings => Update/Recovery => Recovery => Advanced Start
    -Selected the Option for opening the UEFI Settings
    -Boot => Changed The Boot-Order, DVD will be booted first before main OS
    -Restarted the PC
    -Red Window saying "Secure Boot Violation" and some text, so I entered UEFI again and disabled "Secure Boot"
    -Restarted PC again
    -[after 20 min] manually restarted the PC (simple power-off)
    -Burned ISO-Image again on fresh Disk
    -Blackscreen again
    -power-off, boot with Windows again
    -and so I came here

    I really don't know what I can do more, under Windows everything works fine (related to Hardware), so thank you Guys for your support, and if I should give you more information, I will give it. Because I don't see a Command Prompt or Console or such things I can't enter anything when I am booting Kali.

    With best regards,
    Atacan Dogan alias "KaliNewbie"
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