hi there,

after some hard fights, I managed to have a working Kali 2-rolling install on my little ARM-chromebook.
Unfortunatly, it got xfce4 DE installed - which is good - but I´d like to have the "standard" Gnome3 DE.

I already got an "USB-Image-Install", where I managed to install Gnome and it works perfectly!

Now, I want this for my "Chroot" install, also.

I (think I installed already everything needed), when I try to apt install gnome-core kali-defaults kali-root-login desktop-base it say, it is already

Starting Kali with "sudo startxiwi -T startxfce4" brings up the desktop, but when trying to start with "sudo startxiwi -T gnome-session", the desktop is just black and I got a mouse-cursor...

Now - what am I missing? I was thinking, there is some kind of "login-manager" in chroot, but there is nothing to switch the DE before login - so I guess, you can only do this by startkde startxfce4 and so on..?!
Switching a user does not work, lock-screen does not work...

Is there a way to have Gnome 3 DE running on ARM-Chromebook with crouton?
Or is this only possible, with the USB-booting image?

best regards