Hi team,

I've recently installed Kali on a netbook with a working 2.4Ghz wireless driver. As my home network is actually a 5Ghz network, I purchased the Laptone N600 USB wireless adapter without antena.

The netbook dual boots, and the adapter works perfectly for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks when using windows, however Kali does not detect the device as a wireless device. lsusb shows the device correctly, and I believe I need to install the drivers. Fortunately, Laptone seem to have Linux drivers available for this device here.

Unfortunately, I am utterly, utterly useless when it comes to installing drives on Linux (I have my areas of expertise when it comes to Pentesting, Installing Drivers on Linux is not one of them).

I've tried Googling and unpackaging and the like, and I'm utterly lost. Can someone assist me with installing these drivers, or link me to some step by step instructions? If so, I'd be very grateful.