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Thread: Regarding time, is trying to finish Pyrit batch-process on VMware useless?

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    Regarding time, is trying to finish Pyrit batch-process on VMware useless?

    I am trying to crack a WPA2, and wanted to give Pyrit a shot after learning it speeds up the process. However I am using Kali Linux 2016.1 on VMware Workstation, and when running Pyrit batch-process I get 0 pmks/second, I decided to give it up at 24/512 work-units, and wonder if my attempt is counterproductive. In my case, is just using Aircrack-ng with password list the faster option?

    From what I gather, the benefit of Pyrit is its use of graphics card to speed up the process, so since the VM can't connect directly to my card (AMD e-300 APU with Radeon) does that mean I have no benefit in using Pyrit? Is there a fix? Do I have any other options to speed up cracking?

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    To get the full benefit of Pyrit, you'll need to use it in a native install. Far as I know, running in a VM doesn't give the right GPU access that Pyrit needs to really crank out computations.

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