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Thread: droid pentesting kit

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    droid pentesting kit

    i was thinking about installing kali with linux deploy on my android device

    but i have a question
    can i use a external wifi card with linux deploy ?
    my external card is Tplink wn722n

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    Hi yhi,

    What android device do you intend on using?


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    does it really matter ?
    my device support OTG , & have a large battery

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    I actually tried installing kali on my infinix hot note. Tried many times, still didn't work, upon all my research.
    Please does anyone know hw I can buy alfa card, to be shipped to Africa, seems rokland doesn't.

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    Hi all,
    Glad to have found this thread.I am in the same boat as you yhi, just that I want to use it on my Samsung Tab S2 with Android 5.0.


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