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Thread: Nethunter 3.0 on CM13 multirom HELP

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    Nethunter 3.0 on CM13 multirom HELP

    So, I've been trying to install nethunter for a while now. I tried different methods, kernels, installers etc and it still won't work.
    If I use the .zip file provided on the kali website using multirom (and cm 13 as secondary rom) it'll just reboot to recovery. Same as for my primary rom (COS13)
    If I just flash CM13(tried snapshot first, then nightly) I can boot into kali, but the chroot won't install. I always get the error "file integrity error; bad checksum" anybody has a solution? I'm trying this on a Oneplus One.

    also, everytime I flashed nethunter I got an error saying "nhsystem not found <not a directory>"

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    I followed this >>

    It kinda work's i managed to crack a wifi very easily, but the rom and gapps i used causes issues so i need to find a better stable ROM.
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    yeah after another few tries and almost rage-smashing my phone I got it to work. Seems like I was just using the wrong ROMs. Now I'm running it via multiROM as secondary. I used the CM13 nightly, latest release for bacon. For nethunter itself I used phreya's kernel and update and since then it has worked like a charm. Still need to test the wifi-cracks though since my wifi-dongle can't go into monitor mode. So I'm looking into that.
    Thanks anyway mate!

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