After using openVAS, when I come back to Kali Linux Rolling on VMware after a restart/shut down, my eth0 connection no longer works.

I use and prefer bridged mode, the wired connection (eth0) is to my Windows 10 host which is connected to wifi. If I hook up my USB wireless adapter, to the Kali VM, wlan0 tends to work fine.

I am new to openVAS, but every time I've started it to do some scans through the web-ui, after I shut down or restart my Kali VM, I'm met with an eth0 problem.

The first time it took me a while of tinkering with different things to fix, I don't know what eventually fixed it, during this specific occasion the wired connection option was available but it just wouldn't connect, and through checking
ifconfig -a
, eth0 didn't even have an IP assigned to it anymore. I tried
dhclient eth0
with no luck... It seemed I was all of a sudden having some issues with my Windows 10 host as well, nothing directly effecting me, but there were some DHCP assigning errors in the log. After some tinkering around (ending processes, running troubleshooter, restarting both host computer and VMware) my eth0 connection in Kali was working again.

Anyway, even with that specific occurrence resolved, still, after using openVAS, when I shut down/restart I'm met with eth0 not working again, in these cases, the wired connection disappears from network options all together. when I check
 ifconfig -a,
it at least shows eth0 has an IP.
....and after some efforts with these commands:
service network-manager restart
ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 up
service networking restart
, (not necessarily in that order) ...I can get the eth0 connection working again, but of course, this is a pain, and I don't want to have to do this every time I use certain services on Kali.

Maybe it is a coincidence, I have run into this issue with other tools as well, that seem to mess with my network connections after restart, but right now it seems openVAS is the culprit. Maybe my network isn't configured properly, but it seems only certain software/services cause my connections to disappear.

I understand it's hard to identify the core issue with these things, but I'm hoping if someone else has successfully fixed similar network issues, that there may be a similar solution to my problems.