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Thread: What NH installation image to use on 5x / 6p?

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    Question What NH installation image to use on 5x / 6p?

    Hi everyone,

    where can i obtain the porper image required for installation of NH on nexus 5x or 6p?

    here it says that nexus 5x & 6p are supported devices:

    BUT, here are no downloadable images for 5x & 6p !? :

    Or is it like, that the "Nexus 5 Lollipop" image works for both nexus 5 AND nexus 5x???
    And if so does it work same for 6?, meaning Nexus "6 Lollipop" is the image for nexus 6 & nexus 6p?

    Thanks in advance for any answer/help...

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