Bonjour gentlemen.

So i've been experimenting with Linux for a few weeks, decided to throw Kali onto my second machine to use to attempt to learn some stuff: however i've run into an issue that's been bugging me for the last day.

Fresh install, fully updated, however i'm getting some pretty hardcore crashing and I'm not entirely sure why. It has happened once or twice out of this context; however one guaranteed way to induce said crash is to attempt to play a certain WMV file within VLC - upon doing so memory usage spikes to 7+ GB (The second system only has 8gig.) and it causes a massive amount of lag and eventually a crash. Mouse moves (Although freezes periodically) and is 99% unresponsive to clicks, tending to lock entirely for 5 - 10 seconds before being able to move again. Cannot access terminal or anything else, only function that seems to remain is the mouse movement, and oft. sound if I have something running such as youtube, etc.

Tried fully updating, re-installing relevant software, and attempted to use Nvidia drivers instead of the proprietary. My next step is to do a full re-install if necessary, however if I can i'd like to avoid that due to having to move a rather large set of files from here to my main rig, which would be rather problematic and time consuming.

I've been having a pretty good run with Linux (And until this, Kali.) in general but this has rather miffed me, would appreciate any input. Sorry if i'm missing something rather obvious, however after scouring google for hours nothing I seem to find is this exact issue nor do the general fixes I have attempted from there worked. This didn't seem to be an issue on previous installs: which makes me think it's not a hardware issue, although i'm open to that possibility if nothing else seems to add up.