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Thread: Looking for a way to record Terminal Sessions

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    Question Looking for a way to record Terminal Sessions

    Hello, everyone,

    I would like a way to record or keep a copy of all input and output in all terminal sessions while logged in to Kali, preferably with timestamped lines.

    I need this data for doing forensic work and keeping my notebook of what / when / where / how accurate.

    In the past, I've just used PuTTY Logging with printable output and a naming convention of &H-%Y-&M-PuTTY.log. That gets me files with names like this So I get a new file every day.
    Unfortunately, PuTTY doesn't timestamp the individual lines in the logs. The problem is, it's a hassle to basically SSH to yourself just to get decent logging.

    Bash itself keeps .bash_history file but that only has commands run and does not timestamp anything.

    I am considering 'snoopy' to supplement the .bash_history file since it will timestamp everything in the syslog, but it still doesn't get me the output of commands.

    I'd like to hear how others have solved this problem.


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    Have you try to simply use /home/user/bashrc for setting $HISTFILE var ? Because you can easily deploy your "code to timestamp history file" to /etc/skel/.bashrc (used when a new user profile is created) too !

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    You can use the native shell command script
    kcdtv@ramonperez:~$ script --help
     script [options] [file]
    Make a typescript of a terminal session.
     -a, --append            append the output
     -c, --command <command> run command rather than interactive shell
     -e, --return            return exit code of the child process
     -f, --flush             run flush after each write
         --force             use output file even when it is a link
     -q, --quiet             be quiet
     -t, --timing[=<file>]   output timing data to stderr (or to FILE)
     -V, --version           output version information and exit
     -h, --help              display this help and exit
    For more details see script(1).

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