Hello guys!

The whole day I have been trying to run the latest Kali on my Macbook Pro that currently dual boots OSX and Ubuntu 16.04, it has rEFInd installed.
They issue when I try to load the LiveUSB, both through rEFInd and through the "Pressing Option while booting" thing, is that when I get to a screen where it reads:
"Kali GNU/Linux Rolling Kali tty
kaly login(...)
Warranty etc etc"

It completely hangs, for a second I see a white dot blinking below the above mentioned message and then it just gets stuck there. When I try to boot from rEFInd I get two options: a .efi boot thing and a Fallback legacy bootloader option. The former one ends up saying it cannot boot the distribution, the second one does the login hanging thing.

When I boot it through pressing Option key while starting, two options pop up: Macintosh and "EFI", when I go through EFI I get the same freezing problem.

I've performed two processes for setting up the Live USB. First one is the one posted on the docs page ( http://docs.kali.org/downloading/kal...ve-usb-install) and the third one is throough Mac Linux USB loader. Both same results. I've also tried with 2 different USB devices with no success past that screen.

I'm very new to Linux in Mac hardware so I apologize if my ignorance gets in the way.

Thanks a lot!