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Thread: Need help with Kali on Raspberry PI 3 Model B with Touchscreen Virtual Keyboard

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    Need help with Kali on Raspberry PI 3 Model B with Touchscreen Virtual Keyboard


    As the title tells you, I have Raspberry Pi 3 Model with a Raspberry Pi 7" Display Touchscreen.
    The display as well as the Touchscreen are working properly. I have Florence Installed already.
    Now the Question is how to invoke Florence Automatically on startup so that I could Log In using the On Screen Keyboard instead of a Physical Keyboard?
    And how to make Florence shows up every time I work with an input control?

    I've search the forum and google it without any success...

    I Need Help!

    Thanks & Regards

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    Hi Relianz,

    edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf and add:

    keyboard=florence --focus

    That'll add an "On Screen Keyboard" entry to the indicator menu

    Works like a charm

    Have fun,
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    I have managed to make the Keyboard Shows up on the Login Screen by following your instruction.
    But this is making me unable to login, every time I clicked log in after I entered my credentials using OSK it stuck at the login screen, never goes into the desktop.
    Can you help?

    Thank & Regards

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    Hey Relianz,

    i think that Florence isn´t very good @ the Raspberry. Yesterday i bought a external Bluetooth Keyboard because i´ve some Problems with Florence on the original Raspian image. I tried also the Matchbox Keyboard but with this i´ve the same Problems. Think your Problem is that the Keyboard gives the false letter to the System.
    I´ve the same configuration as you. Hope to have the time to install Kali this eve ( with my new external Keyboard ). Can you tell me what Version you downloaded that the original Pi7 Display works ? There is a Version with TFT (but not DSI i think ) and the normal one. Did you load the normal one? Is there any known issue with the onboard Bluetooth Connection or the onboard Wifi?

    Thanks for reply and sorry that i used your Thread for my questions too ;-)

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    I downloaded "RaspberryPi 2/3 v2.1.2" from
    Not the TFT ones. And there are no issues with either the bluetooth or the onboard wifi - The only problem is the onboard WIFI doesn't support Injection & Monitor.
    I've managed to Install the original Pi7 with no problem using the instruction that i found in a YouTube video

    Up till now I still haven't succeeded in making my Raspberry as a Touch Screen device as I still have to use my Portable Keyboard Device.
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    Thanks for the answer. I´ve an portable Keyboard too. But it´s not work with the onboard Bluetooth and it doesn´t work with a bluetoothdongle... Is this also shown in the YouTube Video? If yes, could you send me the link over PN ?

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