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Thread: Custom ISO(?) from Live Persistence mode?

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    Custom ISO(?) from Live Persistence mode?

    Hey there, I'm using Kali in Live Persistence mode and made many changes and customizations. So now I wanted to make an ISO of the OS with the changes, so I can completely install Kali as the main OS with all my customizations. My question is; is it possible to do that from Live Persistence mode? And if yes, how?

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    uh... that's not easy, the best you can do is get the live-build-config repository, create "config/includes.chroot" in the root of the repo and copy all the files you changed over to it with their directory structure intact (the folder "includes.chroot" being equivalent to /)

    then after doing that, build as normal. although you can change desktop software, i suggest you just stick with gnome, the desktop used in the live image.

    someone else may have a better plan on what to do, this is the best i can come up with.

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