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    Animated Desktop

    I have been trying to setup an animated desktop by way of installing and using Mplayer. I want to use the default desktop manager.

    Here is my script (
    DESKTOPID=$(xwininfo -int -name Desktop | head -2 | awk '{print $4}')
    mplayer -wid $DESKTOPID -vo gl -refreshrate 75 -vsync -nograbpointer -nomouseinput -loop 0 -nosound -fs -geometry x [1366x768]X[[+0][+0]] Wall/Reaper/Reaper.wmv lirc=no
    When I run it I seem to get a few desktop glitches. The widget works great. The Desktop icons seem to be drawn over because when I hover over a icon location, the icon flashes in and out while the pointer is still moving over top of it. The default desktop wallpaper also flashes through when I click a mouse button.

    How do I go about replacing the image of the dragon with a looped video in kali properly without installing a different desktop manager.

    Please help me.
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