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Thread: Rasp Pi, Kali, something is really wrong. (Sorry)

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    Rasp Pi, Kali, something is really wrong. (Sorry)

    Sorry for the bad title/subject.

    I accept that it is not going to be easy to get it up and running with no real background in Linux.

    I'm torn between posting multiple subjects about all the problems or put them all (briefly?) in one and see what happens.

    All the different "groups" have different "rules" and reading all the "HOW TO POST" threads would take ...... forever.
    And getting it always 100% correct would be impossible.

    The story:
    I have a Pi, Version 2, B model, as best I know.

    I downloaded an image and installed it. It boots, it "works".
    But then the problem/s begin.

    It boots, and complains (something shocking) about:
    - being in kiosk mode
    - wanting to launch something (yeah, sorry..... It was last night, I have ONE monitor and this is just one of a lot of problems) - suffice to say I accept/start/launch the first one, the GUI loads and it works. But I have to close about another 6 requesters of the same txt
    - it used to work for the ETHERNET LAN, now it doesn't
    - I am trying to set up another "USER account" so it is not always ROOT, but am not getting anywhere
    - As there is no internet connection, I can't apt-get update/upgrade.

    Initially I had a Wifi dongle plugged in also. I unplugged it and rebooted. Sort of better. Now I can PING my router and I have an IP address.
    It won't get out.
    The time is even wrong......

    It DID work before... If/when I load the browser, it comes up trying to restore the old session and it is outside. "Can't load".

    ifconfig yields little other than the IP address, netmask and gateway. DNS servers are set.

    Anyway, searching and looking on another machine (Tablet) I found out about how to make another user - as just about everything I did it had a warning about being ROOT, and "may damage the system" warnings.

    I made one, and the /home/<username> was created. But then I was stuck on how to "change" to that user......
    I rebooted and put in that user name (no password at this stage) and all I got was a black screen.
    I had to Control F1 (isn't it?) and got the ROOT CLI and had to reboot to get out of that.....

    As I only have one HDMI monitor and don't really want to sit there with the tablet trying to read on one thing and type on the other, there MUST be a way of getting it working.

    At this moment I have the link open and shall hope it brings some help.

    But I am hoping that someone could please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    I got a few PDF files and copied them onto a USB stick hoping to read them while using the KALI machine.

    Kinda difficult when there is no PDF reader program on it.........
    So all the stuff from the link about internet problems which I saved to a PDF file (print to PDF) is kinda useless as I can't read it on the KALI machine.
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