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Thread: Panda PAU04 Wireless USB Adapter

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    Panda PAU04 Wireless USB Adapter


    I was using Alpha Wireless USB Adapter to testing my network but I didn't feel comfortable because of the adapter size is very big.

    I saw in amazon a small tiny usb adapter [Panda PAU04 Wireless USB Adapter] which works on my nexus 5. just plug it to any OTG and play.

    I want to conformed that Panda PAU04 works great on my nexus 5 nethunter. I succeed to crack wep and wpa.

    simple video below

    google drive link

    ifconfig wlan1 up
    airmon-ng start wlan1
    airodump-ng wlan1mon

    Here is the link for the Panda PAU04 adapter on Amazon:

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    Hi @icrackapp,

    this is really good info, thank you.

    No idea wich chipset is using, the website of the product a bit simple ^^

    Probably we should add this to the wiki.



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