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Thread: Can't get autologin/start ssh/vnc on boot!

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    Can't get autologin/start ssh/vnc on boot!

    I installed the ARM Kali image for Raspberry Pi 2/3 on a 16gb micro sd-card and booted up my pi. Everything worked great, did apt-get install kali-linux-full...
    I want this to be a device that i can put in my backpack and connect with vnc from my phone... I can set up a wifi hotspot with my phone or something else, thats not a problem... But i have tried many ways of making a vnc server up on boot and log in automatically, but i can't do it. I have spent several hours, and tried everything i can find on google, but it isn't working.
    I have tried:

    making a "vncboot" file from (
    editing /etc/inittab to login automatically(almost like this:
    making custom scripts and adding to ~/.profile and many others
    editing the gdm3 daemon.conf file to enable autologin to root.

    I think i have done everything i have found online, has anyone done this? I would like it so that i can plug in power(and nothing else, no video, mouse or keyboard) and simply connect through vnc(or ssh and manually start vncserver(with x11vnc or thightvnc) from the ssh shell).. How can i do this?

    I have only tried loging into root

    -First time poster on this forum.
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