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Thread: Kali Install - Broadcom BCM4360 [14e4:43a0]

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    Unhappy Kali Install - Broadcom BCM4360 [14e4:43a0]

    Hello All,

    First post here and new to Kali - I've done a search for my card, no solutions have been posted.

    I have an Asus PCE-AC68 wireless card. Which uses the Broadcom BCM4360 [14e4:43a0] chip. This is my only network card of any type, as I've disabled ethernet on my motherboard because using ethernet isn't even an option for my location. (I'm on a desktop also, not a laptop.)

    On the Installation networking prompt, i've tried:
    b43: Broadcom B43 wireless driver
    b43legacy: Broadcom B43legacy wireless driver
    b44: Broadcom 4400 10/100 PCI ethernet

    None work. Even if i skip networking, i can't do any apt-get stuff afterwards because i won't have connectivity.

    What can i do, not being a hardcore user? What options do i have?


    Link to wireless card:

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    You need a network connection use:
    apt-get install broadcom-sta-dkms

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