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Thread: Crash at login after installing nvidia drivers

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    Crash at login after installing nvidia drivers

    I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers from my graphic card as described in

    But after rebooting I get a "Oh no! Something has gone wrong" error where the login screen should be. I got back to the desktop by uninstalling the drivers (ALT+F2):

    # apt-get remove nvidia* --purge
    So then I tried again with the official .run installer from the nvidia website and after rebooting I got the exact same message at login. So I uninstalled the drivers (again) this time using

    # ./ --uninstall
    where "./" is the name of the installer I downloaded from nvidia.

    How can I properly install the drivers? I found a few threads were prople had my same problem ( but none of the answers there worked, except for the uninstalling.
    Here's what lspci returns:

    # lspci -vnn | grep -i nvidia
    01:00.0 3D controller [0302]: NVIDIA Corporation GM107M [GeForce GTX 860M] [10de:1392] (rev a2)
    And uname -a:

    # uname -a
    Linux 4.6.0-kali1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.6.4-1kali1 (2016-07-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux
    Mine is a Lenovo y50-70. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: SOLVED: Turns out installing nvidia drivers on a hybrid PC that has both the intel integrated graphics and the nvidia graphics card will give away this error or a black screen (on ubuntu). The only way to get out of this is disabling the discrete graphics card in the BIOS settings (your BIOS might support it) OR installing bumblebee. Hope it helps anyone with similar issues
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