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Thread: Issues running Xrdp on Raspberry Pi

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    Issues running Xrdp on Raspberry Pi


    I'm having an issue with running xrdp on my raspberry pi3. I have performed the following steps.

    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    apt-get install xrdp

    No issues so far.

    I can get xrdp with service xrdp start. Once logging in with remote desktop on a windows 7 machine, I end up at the login page. See Below.

    Each of the session settings, leads me to the same result, the login just locks up. Sometimes this allows me to try logging in again, with no luck.

    Some additional info:

    Using default login info

    I can also SSH in no problem.

    I have gotten xrdp to run no problem with ubuntu-mate and lubuntu. With Xubuntu I am seeing the same issue as Kali

    I have also swapped desktops from Xfce4 to Lxde and have gotten the same results.

    Any thoughts? or suggestions?

    Also I should note I am running Kali 2.1.2 for the Pi

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