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Thread: Is it possible to mount/use an external USB drive in nethunter???

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    Is it possible to mount/use an external USB drive in nethunter???

    Is it possible to mount a usb drive while running nethunter?

    The reason is so I may save files directly to a usb from the kali/nethunter console.

    I have tried fdisk -l
    But it lists, no drives?

    any advice would be helpful

    thanks in advance

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    on your WiFi, secure it!
    it should be supported unless the device cant supply enough power over otg to the drive (you may need to use y cable)
    when android mounts it, you can log into the chroot and it should automatically bind mount it somewhere in / (ls /*usb*) but it will probably use a vold overlay so unix permissions might not work on the fs

    ls /dev/block/sd* will show you a list of drives that the kernel detects, your otg would most likely be the last one (highest letter), you can try making a /mnt point for it and mounting it there from within the chroot for direct fs access
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    Thanks for reply.

    Got it working...
    Thanks for ideas.

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    Moving on.....
    I am able to attach usb drive and mount it, but now I want to use encryption on my usb drive,
    I have formatted my usb and have encrypted it, but I am unable to gain entry to my files on the encrypted device when trying to mount in nethunter.
    I can gain entry to usb when I plug it into my kali machine, but for some unknown reason nethunter does not recognize the device/filesystem.

    Here is what it says: and the commands I run:
    ls /dev/block/sd* >>>gives output of >>> /dev/block/sdb /dev/block/sdb1

    then I run:
    mount /dev/block/sdb1 >>>gives output of >>> mount: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'

    I know i am doing something wrong but have no idea what : Can anyone help?
    Many thanks in advance for help

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