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Thread: Kali Installed on HDD but will not run on certain laptops.

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    Kali Installed on HDD but will not run on certain laptops.

    Ive installed kali on an HDD and it has its own boot sector with its own grub.cfg file. Ive tried booting it on my MSI (Microstar MS-1795, NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 960M, 16GB RAM, 230 SSD, 1TB SATA) and I just get the following error.

    Fail in evaluating the _REG object of the EC device. Broken BIOS is suspected.
    Failed to add i915 component master (-19)
    Things I have tried:
    • Installing from Windows
    • Googling for solutions
    • trying on other computers (worked on the lenovo and acer I tried)

    I saw something about nomodeset, but dont know what to do.

    I need it working on this laptop due to that other laptops wireless internet cards arent compatible with what Im trying to do.

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    This is not a Kali Issue.

    It is a Hardware issue, specifically a BIOS/CMOS - Hardware conflict, meaning a key stored in the BIOS/CMOS does not match the key for the HDD when the ACPI ......blah blah blah.

    Use a LiveCD/USB.

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    replace the CMOS battery

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    try to update your BIOS from Windows, use the website of MSI and search for the driver for your laptop.

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