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Thread: Need help in connecting a WiFi Adapter to my phone

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    Need help in connecting a WiFi Adapter to my phone

    Hi! I've managed to install Kali Nethunter to my Galaxy S4 (gt-i9505) running CM 12.1 following this guide:

    I've flashed this:

    My question is what do I actually need to get a WiFi adapter working with my setup? I have an OTG stick and an ASUS USN-N 10 Nano adapter. When I plug it in it looks like it's not recieving power (it's led is not flashing). It's not recognised by my phone either, since when I type "ifconfig wlan1 up" I get the "No such device" error.

    Do you think it's possible to get my phone working with this adapter, or should I try buying a TP LINK TL-WN722N?

    Thanks in advance!

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    you need a kernel that supports monitor mode and packet injection etc, the generic installer is without kernel, have you checked to see if anyone have made a kernel or maby build your own kernel?

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