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Thread: Fresh install, grub-efi just won't show up in my BIOS

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    Fresh install, grub-efi just won't show up in my BIOS


    So I just made a fresh install and grub-efi just doesn't want to show up in my BIOS so that I could pick it to boot from it. Thought something might have gone wrong during the installation, so I started again but same problem. Had Ubuntu installed before and I can still pick the Ubuntu grub. I can also pick the Windows 10 efi bootmanager. Only Kali doesn't want to work.

    I hope someone can help me, since I'm starting to lose my last hairs.

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    After hours of googling I was finally able to solve this problem. The problem was secure boot. I never knew how to deactivate it because the option was greyed out. Found the solution: I had to set UEFI to Windows mode in the BIOS, then other options showed up where I was able to delete all the secure keys and afterwards I could disable secure boot. After that I could set UEFI to Other OS again. This seems to be the way to disable secure boot in many Asus motherboards. Mine is the Sabertooth x79. Once secure boot is off, kali grub is selectable in the boot options.

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