I'm having some trouble installing Kali Linux and Windows together as a dual boot on my Macbook Pro.

Essentially what I've done so far:
Booted into Live CD to partition the hard drive
1 partition for Kali Linux (ext4)
1 partition for swap
1 partition for Windows (ntfs)
1 partition for /boot (ext4)

Then I go apply the operation, and boot into Windows 7 professional disc. When I go to install the operating system It recognizes the NTFS partition just fine, but it also thinks that my /boot partition is for Windows System files... I assumed this wouldn't really matter.. it would right some boot information on there that would just get overwritten the the GRUB bootloader - right? So I go ahead and install on the NTFS partition.

Once I finish the install and get the Mac booting right into Windows I insert the Kali Linux live Cd again.

Boot into the graphical install interface. I get to the partition editor and choose manual. I then configure encrypted volumes.. I tell it to encrypt (with default encryption settings) the Kali Linux partition, and the swap partition. NOT the /boot partition because I wouldn't be able to boot that way.

That goes smoothly, I begin the installation. It asks if I want to install the grub bootloader.. It seems to automatically detect where the bootloader should go (assuming /boot?) and just says it installs it when I select yes to install GRUB. Then I reboot.

Perfect! I see the GRUB bootloader, with both Kali and Windows as an option!

I select Kali, boots in fine.. asks for my encryption password for both Kali Linux, and Swap. Reboot -> select Windows partition this time....


So I bluescreen when I'm booting to windows.. I figure it's because the bootrec (mbr, whatever) was completely overwritten by GRUB. Which is kind of what I wanted?

So where am I going wrong here? What is the process to do this? I'm doing all of this on a Macbook Pro if that matters at all. I thought I would have to this:

But it doesn't even seem like that's part of the process here. I didn't need to convert the MBR to hybrid to see GRUB.

Where am I going wrong? Does anybody have any suggestions as to what to do next? I just wanted Kali linux to be encrypted whilst having the ability to boot into Windows normally..

Thank you all for all your help!