... Where do I begin?

I live, breathe and use Kali as a main OS. I have been a long time BT/Kali Linux installer/user since BTr2and been extremely interested in customizing this OS to use for everyday. It wasn't until a few months back my personal Latitude's 5440 and 6410 were stolen from my friends car, I wanted to up my game in anti-theft security as well as also have a laptop that I call angry wife proof. The Dell latitude extreme 14 (7404) laptop is in accordance with the same standard of the MIL-STD 810G and complimentary, it has been tested to be resistant to vibration, shock, explosive atmospheres, solar radiation, humidity up to 95% and temperatures from -29 to +63 °C. Though I have complained to dell that they need to add ANGRY WIFE onto the list. She already started researching on google on how to chain saw through it. *DISCLAIMER* make sure to give the same attention to your wife as your Kali install.

In June, when I bought this laptop, I dumped Windex8.1 that came preinstalled and I think I installed the Kali 2016.1 (not sure). It's the previous version where ice weasel is still the default browser. anyways by adding kali rolling to the source.list and a few apt-get updates / apt-get upgrade / apt-get dist-upgrade as well as installing the software package updates, and creating a new sudo user I was able to get to the latest rolling 2016.2 version.

also when upgrading this way the non digitized resistive touch screen, even though a bit buggy when the laptop would go wake up from sleep mode, started to work. I know its not important to have but sometimes its convent. Realtek ALC3xxx series High-Definition audio works however it sounds very light/ faint even when the DB's amp bar is set to over the recommended limit from the pulse audio settings and its just not loud at all. Again not important if your using Kali for what it is and I know that. still be nice to hear the this laptops impressive built in speaker, headphone work perfect. and I tried all the normal uninstall kill pulse and reinstall.

installing Sana 2016.2 issues:[*]WIRELESS

during the install I do get a iwlwifi Intel 7260 missing ... alright I think I can fix that issue by finding the deb and placing that in the firmware folder on the live usb drive?

After the install wifi works fine however this is annoying if you downloaded just the Light install and don't have access to Ethernet.

After the install and updates[*] SOUND
- same issue, very faint sound[*]TOUCH SCREEN
-mouse touch screen does not work

on Dells support site for divers they do have Ubuntu 12.04 deb files. I tried to install all the deb files using dpkg -I *deb while in the dir path of the extracted latitude_7X04_A00.fish.tar.gz file aaaaaaaaand that didn't work out to well =/ back to the drawing board.

I don't really want to install Ubuntu and install kali tools with katoolin.. =(

What I am trying to do is to have a LUKS full encrypted Kali with LUKS NUKE then resize the LVM partitions leaving 64gb free for a Windex install. This Windows install will have the latest enterprise version that will do a straight login with no password as well as Windows 10 "Find my computer" if I can test it and get it to work with a dummy e mail account. There will be dummy Pictures of maybe some rich executive and his trophy wife with fake IRS TAX data maybe fake executive contacts with Office files of company budgets. install software like team viewer for remote access. Ill install PREY and I am also looking into Computrace absolute lo|jack premium as the system settings and bios has a persistence service rom installer if the thief gets too smart and reinstalls a Windows OS. I want the next future thief to feel real proud of his 3k score and to understand who they are messing with. I might go as far as getting a 4g LTE sim card. I have to do a little more digging around and research on the built in GPS module because as of right now the Trial of absolute lojack is total ****. the PREY project does a better job.

so that's what I am trying to do. any help or direction other than use it for what it is would be appreciated.