Hello all,

I was glad to update my Kali distro the day 2016.2 was released. I am coming from 2016.1 rolling and after several adjustments to my system, would need to "update && upgrade" with near 1600+ updates and new installs.

My first choice was LXDE environment with e17 following behind. Due to the low resource demands.

Everything works great for me on LXDE install. However, I am a user that likes the flexibilty of being able to walk away from my laptop while new updates or commands are being run. When I do need to step away from my laptop momentarily, I always use lock screen.

In LXDE, there are two methods or options as to how to lock screen. In the lower right hand corner there is a widget that can be clicked or by clicking the widget on the lower left hand corner, thus bringing up the control options. From here, the user can the chose to lock screen in the same area where the user would choose to reboot or power down.

With either lock screen choice used, I am presented with a "red state" or full "red screen" where I am unable to recover where I left off.

The only means I have around this "error" is to reboot or shut down and reload Kali.

Not the expected result of a function that was capable in past distro's - especially gnome.