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Thread: Linux Kali USB Boot problem

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    Linux Kali USB Boot problem

    Dear forum,

    I am very new to Linux and to this forum at all.
    I downloaded the Kali.iso (v.2016.2) and installed it on my USB drive (64GB). I used the "Universal USB Installer" for this.
    But when i try to boot from my USB drive (clicking on Live (AMD64)) it seems to be loading something but stops after/while doing something with my soundcard.
    I have absolutely no idea what he is doing and why he just stops doing what he is doing.
    Attached there is a photo of the point where it stops. I am not sure if it is important to mention but there are 3 ssd's in my pc (Linux, OSX and Windows).
    I would be really happy if someone knows how to solve my problem and can help me with this.



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    Looks like you have a hardware issue. Next time you may want to post your computer specs, as Kali seems to have an issue with some hardware and GFX's.

    Your best bet is to boot it live and see if it will boot on your hardware. If not, then buy a cheap laptop and go from there.

    Also, downloading kali as a OS isn't the best to start with. Boot it as a live and then umount your USB to use the rest of the available space on your USB as storage, just to see if Kali is what you're looking for to use or not. There are several other OS's out there, all used for different things.

    If you need help making the USB a bootable USB and partitioning the space and umounting the allocated pace on your USB, let me know.

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