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Thread: Not able to install cuda/Nvidia for crunch

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    Not able to install cuda/Nvidia for crunch

    kali linux 2016.2 64bit
    Asus K550L
    i7 4510U geforce 820m
    8gb ram 1TB HDD
    Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Adapter
    using a 32gb live usb with persistence

    So first thing I tried is following the offiicial tutorial. However, that didn't work since after the first 4 commands and then rebooting I get this error:
    "Oops, something went wrong and the system couldn't recover" in a white box and said try to reboot to fix it and I tried so but still didn't work, in which case I correctly formatted my usb and install the os and everything and try it again, but same error, so then I tried another tutorial but also gave me the same error, there was one tutorial that was different (But i cant show the video..smh), after following it and rebooting, the system wouldnt boot and i got this:

    I don't WANT nvidia's drivers I just NEED to use my gpu (Cuda Cores) for crunching, didn't find any way else on how to do that tho and I keep failing trying this.


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    This is great tutorial, NVIDIA drivers not sufficient because of optimus technology that allows you to switch between integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card. Therefore solution provided by the official tutorial mostly works on desktop enviroments (Where there is no APU mostly...).

    Give it a try.

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