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Thread: Running into issue during installation

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    Question Running into issue during installation

    Hey guys. I am attempting to install Kali on my HDD from a bootable usb. Early during the installation I am notified with an error that states that install failed, I try again and then it says that files from a previous installation may slow intallation etc etc. Each attempt ends in a fail. I also recieved an error that involved a "failure to access codename".

    I don't really see how the intstallation could fail. The bootable USB is formatted correctly. There must be a variable somewhere that I am overlooking. I would appreciate any advice. Hopefully I was specific enough.


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    Have you ruled out problems with the USB device itself? Do the hashes match? Have you tried installing from CD/DVD?

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    1 - Check the hashes of the .iso file with the hashes of the kali download page.
    2 - Try to burn your usb with "Win32 Disk Imager", when browsing to the file make sure to select "see all files" and no only .img files.
    3 - Try to use another usb stick

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