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Thread: Installation with Daemon Tools

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    Installation with Daemon Tools


    Sorry for my very bad english, but i'm a young French... :/ I have a HP Probook 4520s, Windows 7 and many protections (entreprise computer protection). I not have access to BIOS, boot menu and other applications, .exe, ... I install Daemon Tools for boot Kali, and " dodge " the protections, but the installation failed with "CD is not find" log.... What are the steps to take to successfully install Kali with the virtual hard disk create by Daemond ?

    Thank you for your answers,

    Martin Malandain

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    Short answer: You can't.
    Daemon tools is not going to help you at all.

    You cannot use a (Windows) virtual drive to dual boot/Single boot/Live boot a Linux distro.
    You either need to install kali onto the HDD directly (single or dual boot), live boot (either using a CD/DVD/USB stick), or install it in a virtual machine (such as VMware or virtualbox).

    If you can't select your boot options (due to being locked out in BIOS). Your only option really is to use a virtual machine.
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