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    Question KDE KALI Linux Official Image

    The name of the developer of the world
    به نام خداوند بخشنده مهربان که هر چه هست از اوست

    Hello To all and all developer of the kali!

    First thanks to new release of the kali 2016.2 is the best tool for attacking

    and secound sorry for my bad eng


    I have search a lot of pages in kali's site and Unfortunately i found nothing for KDE ISO image Officially so is there a link for that iso please say and if there isnt any kde kali iso please say this too i have confused for searching in google because some sites posting for new kali and ofcource they also say KDE , XFCE AND SO OTHER .... BUT no link no iso just some other desktop materiel. and i think yes i think KDE is more better than others .

    so thanks for reading my opinions.

    again sorry for bad eng my native language is persian so sorry for that
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