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Thread: How to install 32bit live and 64 bit live w/ persistence?

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    Question How to install 32bit live and 64 bit live w/ persistence?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to install KALI Live 32 and 64 bit on separate partitions of a 64gb USB stick.;
    My partition set up would be as follows:
    sdb1: 5gb ext4- This is my Kali 32 Live install
    sdb2: 22gb ext3- kali 32 bit persistence partition
    sdb3 and sdb4: Same as above but for 64 bit.

    Would this be possible? i.e. to run Kali live from a bootloader like Grub and have 2 separate persistence partitions for each of them?
    I have been told that Kali 32 will run on 64bit systems as well but I wish to run them as separate architectures.

    Is this possible, or is there a better way of doing it? I have tried to install Kali to the USB (NOT live) and use Grub to boot but no luck on that front so Live is the best solution I am thinking.

    I am new here so please excuse me for any mistakes in posting, thank you very much.

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