Well i cant figure out how to install TP TL-WN723N to kali nethunter i try all the normal command that everyone mostly post(Example:ifconfig wlan1 up and so on)...i bought this TP TL-WN723N instate of a TP TL-WN722N(most of them recommend it) cuz there dont sell that model and make me too lazy to find it and though it wont not make a different just +1 in the back(TP TL-WN722N = TP TL-WN723N)

Im NEW to this nethunter thingy on android,but experienced with Kali Linux as an OS

So how i install?

1.I flash CyanogenMod 12.1 to my note 3 n9005(hlteeur) no root
2.After boot was ok I boot to recovery back and install kernel-nethunter-hlteeur-lollipop-3.1.0-20160910-2236.zip and nethunter-generic-armhf-kalifs-full-rolling-3.1.0-20160910-2236.zip
3.Everything seems to work fine.But when i try using WIFITE with TP TL-WN723N connected it wont show wlan1 like other do so i look up at internet and most of them do this command(ifconfig wlan1 up) but get ERROR while getting interface flags: no such device (i connect my TP TL-WN723N but no found)

Right now on cm12.1 note 3 n9005
Kernal ver.
3.4.111 -nethunter-hlte-eur-L-7.1.1
jc@gallifrey #1
Sub Apr 17 18:16:08 EDT 2016