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Thread: Pulling my hair out trying to dual boot 2015 MacBook Pro Retina El Capitan and Kali

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    Unhappy Pulling my hair out trying to dual boot 2015 MacBook Pro Retina El Capitan and Kali

    Hopefully someone can help!

    I've followed the reFind instructions and that part is working ok in so much as I get the menu option when I boot my macbook. The extra security options are disabled via the Recovery Console

    However, when I try and either run or install Kali from Usb or CD I get the following:



    I have tried about a dozen web articles so far with no success

    I am using refind 0.10.3 with Kali Linux 2016.2. Mac OS version is El Capitan

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Probably NOT something you want to hear, but newer hardware like mac book pro's don't work well together. You're lucky it's not wiping your computer like it does with Asus.

    I did find this article, even though you said you have read and tried most of them. If you're still unable to boot from the instructions below, just buy a cheap laptop with older hardware that you know kali will support. Just did this 2 days ago.

    Kali 2.0 live USB does not really well support Macbook pro 2015 Retina. I've seen lots of people having problems like "black screen after booting from EFI", "got a very small freezing menu in the top left corner", and "Legacy bootloader not found". After a few days exploring, I suddenly found a solution to the booting issue, and now Kali 2.0 runs perfectly on my MBP 2015. The following are some tricks I did.

    1. Booting problem
    Step 1. Prepare 1 USB sticks and a free partition on your hard disk.

    Step 2. Make a Kali live USB stick following link.

    Step 3. On mac, in your USB drive, Open folders EFI - BOOT. Open syslinux.cfg with a text editor.

    Step 4. Change “vesamenu.c32” to “menu.c32”. Save the file.

    Step 5. Restart the computer, with the option key pressed.

    Step 6. Choose the EFI option, which is your usb stick.

    Step 7. Now the booting menu should not be freezing any more. Graphical install and install options should work. If this does not work for you, you may stop reading further.

    2. Network device not detected
    The installation wizard cannot identify ethernet card, so just continue without network configured. We will install the network driver later.

    3. Network driver
    Once you finish installing, boot into Kali, and you will see network device is missing. Type in terminal
    There is only one "lo".

    To fix this, download the firmware for macbook pro 2015 from here

    Copy the file into /lib/firmware/brcm

    Reboot and you will see WiFi is working, but still has no network access.

    Start the network manager by modifying configuration file.
    root@kali:~# nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
    Turn false to true
    root@kali:~# /etc/init.d/network-manager restart
    Reboot and WiFi should work. This may not work on Thunderbolt-Ethernet wired network.

    4. Cannot boot into OSX
    Step 1. Hold option when booting, and boot from Mac HD.
    Step 2. Reinstall your rEFInd.
    Step 3. Restart.

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    Has ANY one gotten a MBP 8.2 to boot from a USB?

    I have tried EVERY example of how to get it to work with no luck, even the above does, it not work.

    It closest I have gotten was boot off a CD.

    I tried to make a USB thumb drive and USB Hard Drive from the CD, no luck?

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