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Thread: Kali KDE Weekly Wireless issue

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    Kali KDE Weekly Wireless issue

    Hello all.

    I have recently downloaded the weekly Kali KDE build and booted it up on my main laptop, sha1sum matches.

    Upon doing so, I failed to see a wireless applet at the bottom. No problem, I thought, I'll just try 'nmtui-connect' in the terminal.

    Nothing. Okay, maybe 'wifi-menu'? Nada.

    What about 'iw dev'? Yep, lists my wirless interface. So, I decided to hook up the network cable, no issues there, can reach out.

    My question is, what am I doing wrong? Is something not preinstalled correctly? I'd install it but I don't have a hard drive at the moment.

    Thank you for any advice you'd give.


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    I am having the same issue, only with ethernet as well.
    I'm hoping that the next weekly release will fix this.
    With neither ethernet nor wifi, there's no easy way for me to find whatever I need to fix whatever I need.
    Any thoughts/comments/anecdotes?



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    I've found that typing 'dhclient -v <name_of_ethernet_interface_here> assigns an ip address. Have you tried a new release? I'd still prefer a live-build, might have to roll my own.


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    Just grabbed the latest weekly, and this continues to be an issue for both ethernet and wireless interfaces - just lo comes up by default, and there is no network manager. Command line tools all work just fine, so ifconfig, iwconfig, etc. can be used to configure the interfaces with no problem. I simply did an `apt-get install plasma-nm` to get the plasma network manager applet. That pulled in all the relevant bits that were missing, and things are where I expected them to be from the start.

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