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Thread: Codewarrior - static analysis to C, PHP, Java, Ruby, Javascript...

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    Codewarrior - static analysis to C, PHP, Java, Ruby, Javascript...

    Codewarrior have a lot modules, one for each common language like PHP, ASP, Ruby, C/C++, Java and Javascript. Each module have rules in raw text, that rules have params like description, type, reference, relevance and match(regex to detect pattern), you can create your rules.

    Made in pure C, don't need external libraries, is simple to understand, runs at Linux, BSD, MacOS...
    Have recursive code listening by extension for manual code analysis.
    Recursive Sink to search pattern in sources by extension.
    Recursive search patterns of modules.
    Have syntax highlight and mark at each pattern matched.
    have option to edit modules at web.
    HTTPd with TLS runs only localhost, you can change that at file "conf/whitelist.conf".
    You can create your modules...
    You can change custom theme at directory "web/", becuse is simple HTML and CSS.

    At the future:
    * Options to load external modules using dlopen(), load external analysers.
    * Function to use KNN other things with machine learning.

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    interesting tool

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    This like good.
    I'll try this.

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